Hey lovlelies, it's me! Lauren, from Jeff and Lauren in the morning with my 9 reasons why YOU! should sign up for a Celebrate Aberdeen award.

In case you don't already know, Celebrate Aberdeen is a group of friends who have come together as volunteers to shine the light on the best people and organisations across Aberdeen. 

The Celebrate Aberdeen team and myself believe that something we don't do enough of, is celebrate our successes. The Celebrate Aberdeen awards is all about Celebrating the success and the hard work that people across Aberdeen do for the city and the people in the city.  

There are so many reasons why you should enter into the awards but I have cut it down to 9 easy to read and important points.

1. Because who doesn't LOVE receiving an award?

2. It is FREE! ...to enter... and to attend if you're nominated!

3. To be recognised for your success

4. To celebrate how awesome you are

5. To motivate yourself/volunteers/employees/people in general

6. For a well earned rest for the evening of the awards

7. Brand awareness and networking opportunities

8. Because the awards is a fantastic night out 

9. Because WHY not?

So now, you're thinking... yeah ok. This is worth my time. Popping yourself into the entry won't take long and will have so much reward. 

Wanna do it? Just follow THIS link.

For all the info, follow THIS link.

Good luck, I'll see you at the awards night my friend!