Saying 'thank you' this Volunteers' Week

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Celebrate Aberdeen is run by volunteers for volunteers.

Volunteers, what can we say about them? Celebrate Aberdeen aims to shine a light on them, and we couldn’t do it if it wasn’t for them. To commemorate Volunteer Week 2019, we wanted to highlight them.

For those of you who don’t know, Celebrate Aberdeen was born of the desire to thrust the third sector into the limelight, to really give them the chance to be recognised for the work they do for our city. Without volunteers, the third sector would cease to exist.

Over time, it wasn’t just about charities, but sports groups, those who dedicate their time to schools, drama, music. Anyone who goes that little bit further to make a meaningful impact. Celebrate Aberdeen is run by those people. By volunteers, for volunteers.

Our organisation is led by those who share one common goal, to Celebrate Aberdeen. Our team give their time to pulling off a two-day event that starts with a 4000 strong parade, followed by two days of entertainment from some of the city’s finest musical acts, choirs and sports groups.

Like most of the organisations that we celebrate, we are completely volunteer led. Here’s what our volunteers had to say.

Celebrate Aberdeen started back in 2011 in the form of a charity parade. Over the years it has grown significantly, with various other elements being added - including our Celebrate Aberdeen Awards event - which is fantastic to see. We continue to do what we do on a voluntary basis because there seems to be a demand for it within the local community, and because we love what we do. People in the city want to celebrate. They really do enjoy being able to celebrate with one another every once in a while. I can certainly speak for our own wee team of volunteers when I say that we love a reason to be proud of and recognise the efforts of one another.”  Morven Mackenzie

“Celebrate Aberdeen is such an incredible event. Before getting involved, I couldn’t have told you how many charities or volunteer led organisations the city had. When I learned that that number was more than 200, I was shocked. There are so many people that give back, that it encouraged me to do my bit. One of the best moments for me is standing at the end of union street, seeing the mile painted in pink and thousands of participants being cheered on by the city. It’s really incredible!”  Jamee Kirkpatrick

“It’s truly wonderful to play a small part in filling Union Street, top to bottom, with thousands of incredible volunteers who are the power behind so many aspects of Aberdeen. Spending a weekend recognising those people and the local entertainment scene is the perfect way to Celebrate Aberdeen – something we should all do a little more.”  John Slater

Celebrate Aberdeen gives everyone an opportunity to show their support for all the volunteers out there that help make Aberdeen a great city to live in.”  Dustin MacDonald

“I volunteer celebrate Aberdeen it's because I believe the third sector does such amazing work across Aberdeen City and Shire, and I love being able to support the organisation and running of an event that celebrates that. It's such an amazing weekend! I volunteer across a number of organisations so why would I not want to be part of this?”  William Rae

“What is not to love about being involved with celebrate Aberdeen? It’s a massive celebration of our city and the amazing people and originations in it.”  Jeff Diack

“There is something special about Celebrate Aberdeen and that’s why I love to get involved each year. The people in this city are incredible and deserve a celebration of their hard work. The feeling of everyone coming together for a massive celebration is just fabulous! If you aren’t a part of it yet, come and get involved!”  Lauren Mitchell

“I volunteer for a Celebrate Aberdeen as it is an awesome community and is brilliant to be part of something so special in the city. Our third sector does amazing work and it’s a pleasure to help showcase this.”  Suz Bird

Thousands of volunteers parade along Union Street for our annual parade

This year, for Volunteers' Week 2019, we want you to get involved. Send us a 30 second video, a picture of your volunteers or a few sentences telling us why volunteers are vital to your organisation! We’ll be featuring these on our social media channels all week!

Do you want to get involved in Celebrate Aberdeen? We’re always looking for volunteers to help us spread the cheer over the August weekend!